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السلام عليكم,



4 June 2016. A day that I would NEVER forget, or at least try my best to not forget. Not only was it Adam Saleh’s birthday, but it was also my SURPRISE 21st Birthday. Never thought I would feel THIS happy for my 21st. Let me tell you why.

As far as I know, I became indirectly involved in this surprise from 27 May 2016. On this date, my friend Amira send us (by us I mean my friends and I) an invite to her little sister’s 18th Birthday (as seen in the screenshots below)

As you can see from my replies, I was okay with going ahead with the invitation, because.. Actually I am not sure why myself. Perhaps I was just bored or very attracted to see how Amira’s family held/organize a birthday party.

At this point in time, I still did not suspect anything because well, nothing seems out of place. Oh, some may ask me why wasn’t I shock/curious/suspect something fishy when I replied (and was aware) that Amira did not have an 18th Birthday Celebration, so why did her little sister got hers. Hmm, well this is because, as far as I have known Amira, it seems like her other siblings have more leeway compared to her (at least from my POV), hence I felt that it was normal.

Plus, when I mention to my mother about Amira’s mother inviting us to her sister’s party which would be held at Ritz Carlton, my mother gave me this response, “Wah kenhang. Ritz Carlton. Action ah.” Then I was like, “Entah. Tapi Dila heran kenapa bila Amira nye time kita tidak di jemput or takde”  and my mother responded by saying “Agaknye betul-betul ehk Amira ni seakan di anak tirikan” and gave a small laugh. Remembering this particular moment again, I must applaud my mother for having such great acting skills.

Oh and ya, back to the invitation send via whatsapp, my other two friends’ response too made it seem as if everything was normal.  The fact that Ats said that she had Madrasah where might not be able to join and that she would ask for permission from her mother and all that totally made it seem as if there was no surprise at all.

So the next day, then Ats confirmed that she would be able to come to Amira’s little sister’s Birthday Party.  So, I message Nas and asked what we should get for Amira’s sister. There was lots of ideas, from sporty water bottles to vouchers to Lovisa accessories and we didn’t get to agree on a present. So we thought that we should meet earlier on before Amira’s sister’s birthday celebration so that we could buy a present. Before that, we actually asked Amira about what her sister likes and all then she told us (me and Nas) that her sister likes sporty stuff and that she plans to get her sister some sports equipment. Then she told us to just bring food and not need to get any gift or whatsoever. So that’s exactly what we had to find the earlier part of the day before Amira’s sister birthday party.

On 2 June 2016, that night, Nas asked me what time we should meet and all. So we eventually agreed to meet at 11 am on 4 June 2016 bearing in mind that we had to buy lots of stuff (present and food) for Amira’s sister. So I told her to tell Ats and the message was later conveyed to Ats that very night. However Ats only replied at night on 3 June 2016. This didn’t seem fishy to me at all, cause Ats do reply late often. Apologies Ats. So she replied that night saying that her Dad would be sending her and that she would meet us there straight. Again, I didn’t suspect anything because Ats’s dad does send and fetch her around. So that didn’t seem fishy at all.

3 June 2016 that night, as usual before going out I would pick my outfit so that it could be ironed tomorrow morning. My mother keep laughing at me for stressing on which outfit to wear since I am only going to Amira’s sister’s Birthday and Abadi play. But for me, I was stressing out, because I need an outfit that is nice and comfortable because I keep thinking that I would be out the whole day and it is important to be wearing something comfortable but nice. While I was busy choosing my outfit, my sister whom I thought would only be attending the Abadi plau, was also busyi choosing an outfit.

That totally did not make me suspicious or anything because my sister memang suka sibuk-sibuk. While in the midst of choosing outfits, my second brother came to my room to check on the commotion that was happening in my room. When my mother told him that I was busy choosing at outfit because I was going to Amira’s sister’s birthday party, he just laughed and said “Lerh. Birthday party kawan sahaja” and he then went to his room. Before heading to his room, he told my mother that he wanted to paint tomorrow since everyone would be out, where my older brother and my sister would be going out to watch Abadi. So my mother said “Jangan. Nanti siapa hendak tolong. Kan kalau ramai sikit orang, boleh tolong-tolong.” But my brother insisted and went back to his room.

Later on that night, me and my sister did a video playing Whisper Challenge. Since it was our first time, the video did not meet my expectations. So I told her that we could retake this the next day after watching the play. My sister said “Yup can. If not tired.” So I was like, “Okay cool”.

So as you can see, everything seem super normal. How could I suspect anything right ?!

4 June 2016. That morning. I was supposed to meet Ats and Nas at Tampines at 11.30 but since Ats would be meeting us straight there, I told Nas to meet at 11.15 since I wasn’t ready yet. The timing then got dragged to 11.30 as Nas was ironing.  At about 11.25 Nas told me that she have a spare #88 Love Life Volume 2 book and that we could give that to Amira’s sister. So there would be no need to get any present. All we have to buy would be donuts. So I told her, okay we will settle that later.

I didn’t really agree on giving Amira’s sister a book because well, she doesn’t seem like someone who would appreciate this jiwang gift (sorry Amira and sister). But then I didn’t have any better idea, so I just went with it. Plus Nas asked me whether she should wrap it and all. I was like no need. We would settle that later, and she suddenly said “Nevermind I wrapped already”. When she replied me this, I thought she was still in the midst of wrapping. So, I gave her about 15 more minutes. So by then it was already 11.45 am.

While waiting for Nas, I walked to and fro checking my mother out in the kitchen. She asked me whether I would be having breakfast together or not and I said no, because me and Nas were planning to get lunch together. While going to and fro, my brother was telling my mother that he wanted to paint his room and my mother was saying “No, don’t. Buat esok sahaja bila semua orang ada di rumah. Jadi Dila boleh tolong.” My brother even snapchat saying that he would painting the room. So at the moment, I wasn’t aware at all. He even took the paint and went inside his room wanting to start painting and all.

So, while he was doing that, there was one time when I peep into his room and I remembered seeing him busy unpacking and all, so I was convinced that he wanted to start painting, and then I saw my older brother sleeping. So really, 15 minutes before 12 my whole family was still at home unprepared (at least to my knowledge). I saw my mother making huge tonne of spaghetti but it didn’t occur to me at all that, that amout was a lot. I simply took a bite and continue walking to and fro. I didn’t even think that they were possibly celebrating my birthday. What I thought was, “Yay spaghetti. I will eat them when I come back”.

So then finally I got a bit restless. So I told Nas, text me when you already leave. So about 12 pm, she said she have left. So I left too. At the time, my mother was still cooking, my second brother was “painting”, my older brother was sleeping, my sister was in school painting (she was legitlt in school) and my father was at work. So OBVIOUSLY, I didn’t not expect anything.

So, I went out. Took the bus with Nas and we travelled to Tampines. Had lunch at KFC, where as usual, I was just ranting and we were discussing about matters. Nas asked me how long does it take from Tampines to the place, and I told her about 1 hour or so. Hence we sat at KFC from 12.30 pm all the way till 1.45 pm. We then walked out of KFC and went to Tampines 1 because Nas wanted to get pants. But then, she was contemplating as I was telling her that it wouldn’t be that nice to be going to someones party with a Uniqlo bag in your hand and all you handing over to the Birthday girl was a book and donuts.  So, we end up just walking around from Cath Kidston to Dorothy Perkins to Uniqlo. I then felt the need to touch up my make up, as my lipstick was acting up. So we went to Century Square toilet and adjusted my make up ad my shawl. By then it was 2.15 pm.

At that point in time, I remembered feeling tired because I slept at 5 am the day before as I was just having a hard time to sleep. Plus, I also remembered that Amira said we could come around 3 or 3.30. So, yes. We left and took the train to Bugis at 2.25 and we reached Bugis about 3.00pm. We decided to stop at Bugis to get Chewy Junior for Amira’s sister. Suddenly, Nas said that she needed to use the toilet. So I waited for her to be done with her business in the toilet. I think I stood outside the toilet for more than 15 minutes. That’s when I got the message on Breast Friends that Ats has arrived. So by then I was like, “Why Nas you take so long to shit” I said that in my heart. Waiting for Nas is nothing new, as she does take her time on things. So again, it wasn’t fishy at all.

Finally she came out of the toilet, and I was like “Why Nas why. You know I hate to wait. Im so tired. I don’t feel like going to the party. Hope we can buat hal sendiri”.  So she just replied me with “Sorry. Nature call”. I was like okay. So from Bugis, we went to Promenade and made our way to Ritz Carlton.  While in the train, I remembered that there was 2 address on Ritz Carlton, one was the hotel and one was the apartment or something. So I asked Nas to ask Amira exactly where is the address because I did not want to end up in the wrong place when I am already so tired. So Amira just said that its at Raffles something and that she wasn’t sure and that I could just google. 

Again, this wasn’t surprising because, Amira does sometimes is unaware of how to get here and there. Im sorry Amira, but yes. So, I was telling Nas hopefully I am right. I was telling Nas how cool of Amira’s parents to be throwing Amira’s sister’s party at Ritz Carlton. I was telling her how nice the toilet was, like the bath tub actually has a view.  I was also asking her, “Where do you think her parents held the party? A room or function room?” She of course said she don’t know. Then I told Nas again “If her family is having it in a room and we were invited, that would be cool. Because you know how small a room is, and if we made the guest list, we should feel honoured”. Nas agreed.

Finally, when we alighted at Promenade, we walked to Ritz Carlton. Walking there was tough. We didn’t know our way around. Once we followed someone hoping there would be an entrance somewhere he is headed, but nope. He turned around and told us that there is no entrance at thee ballroom area. We turned around and continued walking. We were so lazy to walk around, along the street to Ritz Carlton, we took the risk of climbing this particular stairs hoping these stairs would bring us to the entrance, shortest way possible. Thank God it did. While walking, we saw this huge function room (?) and Nas said “Sekali family Amira di dalam. Dia Nampak kita, kita tak Nampak mereka.” Then I was like, “Lol”. So we walked all the way and we finally reached the Lobby.

Earlier on, Amira whatsapp us saying that we should call her once we are at the lobby so that she could come and pick us up. So, I told Nas to call Amira. Finally Amira came down and brought us up. I was just amazed and blown away by the place that I forget to demand on an answer on where is Ats, as based on earlier conversations, I remembered reading that she has arrived. I actually asked Amira on where is Ats, but Amira did not answer me and just brought us up. Again, blown away by the beauty of the place, I forget to demand for an answer.

So we went to the 22nd floor and when we went out of the lift, there was this sofa with a view. I took out my phone to snapchat the view with the intention to rub it in my second brother’s face like “I am here already. Nanny-nanny-poo-poo”. So the other two were already walking but I just wanted to take my time and appreciate the beauty of the place.

Then I heard Amira calling Nas calling me, to hurry up. So I quickly kept my phone and rushed to them. The room that we were heading to was all the way to the end. While walking along the corridor, there was nice mirror. So I could help but to stop and ask them to stand and take a picture so that I can post on snapchat. After that shot, we finally reached the room. Amira place the access card and we were in.

The place was so freaking quiet, but well I thought that was how Amira’s side have her parties. There was no shoes too. Well I thought everyone went home as the party ended. We did came a little late, it was close to 4pm. I remembered Amira asking me to go in. I wanted to go in last but Nas insisted that I walk first. Feeling tired and wanting to get over this, I walked in second (after Amira).

That was went everything happen. Two doors started swinging right open. People sang Happy Birthday to You. I was overwhelmed, unsure how to react, feeling grateful people actually threw a party for me, feeling thankful, feeling remorse, feeling so happy, feeling abit cheated, feeling dumb, feeling excited and all other feelings you can think of. So me being me, I cried. Those tears were tears of happiness and its been awhile since those tears were let out. That was the BEST feeling ever. Because that was the best feeling ever, I forced myself to write this long ass recount so that I would forever remember whatever that happened on that day. Because the feeling was soo good that I would never want to forget this particular memory that caused me to feel this way.

Masya’Allah. With that, I was surprised. Real good. Would like to take this opportunity to thank those who were involved. First Bajan, Abang Zahir, Kak Arini, Mami Ain, Mama Adam, Kharina, Nenek, Pak Ngah, Busu and Cik Mila. Not forgetting MAMA, BUCHOM, AMIN, ZAHIRAH, NASIRAH, AMIRA and ATSIRAH. Thank you so so so so much. May Allah bless you guys with all the happiness. More than what I was feeling at that moment when I was surprised. Thank You. You guys do not know how thankful I am for this. Terima Kasih for making 21st so memorable. Thank you for the wishes, the celebration, the gifts and the company. Thank You.

So, we all celebrated. So after the the shocking surprise, I had to head of to Abadi play. So I went with Abang Zahir, Kak Arini, Zahirah dan Nas. Amira had to go home as she had curfew. Oh, I forget to mention, I eventually knew where Ats had to go. She told Nas and Amira she had stomach ache and really need to shit real bad. So she took a cab home. The reason why she had to come was to send the gifts they bought for me and Ats had to pass them to Amira so that Amira could pass it to me. Oh and, I found out that Ats dad did not send her. She came by herself. She just had to say that because she was carrying my gifts. Which reminds me of the time where I was in the bus with Nas and I asked Nas, why did Ats dad have to send her? And Nas told me “Entah. Hmmmmm Oh mungkin she have madrasah which was earlier or something?!” Again. Such response convince me that she was also clueless and that there was no surprise or what so ever.

So yup, Ats finally came to the play and we watched Abadi. I was freaking restless in the play because I just wanted to head back and soak in that beautiful bath tub. So yup, that was what happened. Nas and Ats went home. Me and Zahirah when back and had a staycay atRitz Carlton with Amin, Buchom and Khairina.

Once we reached the hotel, we went back down to take photos and after taking photos we went back up and had a movie night and importantly soak in the bath tub. Lights out at 4 plus.

5 June 2016. Woke up, soak in the bath tub again and went down again to take pictures by the pool. Finally before we know it, it was 2pm and its time to check out and say bye bye to the best birthday celebration ever and the nicest bath tub ever. So many ever. After that, we checked out and hello Pasir Ris. So that was my Sweet Early 21st Birthday Celebration. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.


p.s  For more pictures of my 21st Birthday, do check my IG: @dilaizet 

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